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A traditional material for modern living

This is the best way to describe the potential of our enamelled steel. It is a product that meets very modern criteria of longevity, aesthetic qualities, hygiene and respect for the environment.

What makes our enamelled range unique is the fact that many of the products have emerged from collaborative thinking with our customers to solve their technical problems & address business challenges. Be it the need for stronger, lighter boilers or aesthetically beautiful surface finishes or even simplified processing steps; our enamelled steel solutions have always allowed our customers to take a leap forward with their choice,” explains Tabrez Ahmad, Product Lead (Hot Rolled & Cold Rolled Products), ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products.

“ArcelorMittal is your premium partner for the supply and processing of enamelled steel. We propose the widest offer on the market with environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions. Our products are adapted to all forming and enamelling processes. Their use simplifies implementation at the customer and allows the achievement of sophisticated designs,” completes Philippe Gousselot, New Products Development, ArcelorMittal R&D Product Development.

Read more about it in the brochure and user manual

The new 4-page brochure gives you a quick view on the possibilities and advantages of enamelled steel, such as the fact that it is:

  • Resistant to corrosion, pollution and weather, fire, heat and cold, abrasion and scratching
  • Easy to clean 
  • Safe for contact with food 
  • Fully recyclable

And offers 

  • An unlimited range of colours 
  • A wide variety of surface textures

The pictures show various uses such as architectural and decorative applications in metro stations or on facades. We integrated a focus on steel grade HC300EK, a thinner cold rolled steel for boiler applications, as well. A QR code on the back of the brochure leads you to our web pages on steels for enamelling to get all the relevant information combined.

  Download link


The user manual of 64 pages is a valuable tool for our account managers, CTS and customers with a lot of technical information. It covers amongst others following topics:

  • Enamelling processes and associated steel grades
  • Forming of steel for enamelling
  • Joining of steel for enamelling 
  • Properties of enamelled steel 
  • Enamelled steel and the environment and 
  • Uses of enamelled steel
  Download link


The product showcase

Furthermore we have a new showcase. Our showcases are displays that can be found today in the Luxembourg head office and in the lobby of the ArcelorMittal Gent main building. The display shows a product movie and puts our brochures and/or samples in the spotlight. The first showcase was on Granite® Silky Mat. The second one is on enamelled steels with a focus on the grade HC300EK.


Check it out if you are at our premises!

HC300EK – thinner steel for boiler applications

ArcelorMittal’s Global R&D division for Industry in Ghent has specifically developed HC300EK in response to customer demand for thinner steels for enamelling applications. This product is an example of a successful co-engineering project with the Ariston Thermo Group, one of the world’s leading producers of boilers and water heaters.
Until the development of HC300EK, the lowest feasible thickness limit was 1.55 mm. With HC300EK, Ariston was able to reduce its boiler wall thickness below this limit.
HC300EK is usually supplied in coils, ready for processing at our customers’ premises. Depending on the enamelling process used, HC300EK can be shotblasted or pickled. In some cases, only degreasing is required before enamelling.
Uncoated steel can be supplied for applications that require painting, such as the outer casings of hot water boilers.

Find out everything on this product in the related C30 catalogue sheet:

Structural cold rolled steel for enamelling with guaranteed minimum yield strength after enamel firing: HC300EK

Are you interested?

Get in touch with your local ArcelorMittal account manager and discover this outstanding product range
Link to all information on this offer in our product document centre

Copyright images:

Banner/cover: Philippe Vandenameele – Sainte-Catherine/Sint-Katelijne metro station in Brussels – Enamelled panels designed by Thierry Renard; Boiler: the Ariston Thermo Group; Product showcase: Vincent Daenen