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Innovative safety barrier awarded with CE certification

Mieres Tubos (Grupo Condesa) and ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe have worked together on the design and creation of safety barriers combining new material - high strength low alloy steel and the metallic coating Magnelis®.

The co-engineering partnership, which dates back to May 2011, is celebrating its latest success with MieresTubos – which manufactures the safety barriers - securing a prestigious safety certification. The company acquired the CE marking - which shows that the product meets strict EU health, safety or environmental standards - for two of its products from Bureau Veritas, based on certificates showing consistency of performance.  

The two products are: N2W4 (commercial name: BMSRA4/C-MT) certified as BMSRA4/C-MT(MG) which is made of high strength low allow steel and Magnelis® (ZM310).

Other safety barriers systems using the metallic coating Magnelis® have been -or are- in the process of being certified by MieresTubos:

  • N2W5 certified as BMSNA4/C-MT(MG) commercial name in S280GD+ZM310.
  • H1W5 (BMSRA2/C-MT) developed in 2013, certification process underway.

Safer and sustainable safety barriers thanks to advanced steels

The use of high strength, low alloy steels combined with the metallic coating Magnelis® is bringing safer, sustainable, and cost effective safety barriers.

The qualities of high strength, low alloy steels include:

  • Better control over mechanical properties compared with traditional structural steels, providing an optimal safety solution..
  • Weight reduction (up to 25% per metre compared with those made with structural grades for reference BMSRA4/C-MT parameters N2W4A). This reduces greenhouse gas emissions as less steel is required and more finished products can be transported at once to the installation site.
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Increased corrosion protection with Magnelis®, even on cut edges

The superior performance of Magnelis®, the steel metallic coating made with zinc, 3.5% aluminium and 3% magnesium, protects safety barriers against corrosion while maintaining mechanical properties.

The coating has been tested in salt spray and outdoor tests (see images below). Tests also show the behaviour in soil and concrete is superior compared with traditional heavy zinc coating.

Magnelis®, which uses less zinc than pure zinc coatings thereby considerably reducing zinc runoff in the soils, comes with a 20-year guarantee for safety barriers.


Safety Barrier by Mieres Tubos in Magnelis® ZM310-steel thickness 3 mm
Visual inspection of cut edges exposed outside

Left: Exposure started on September 2011
Right: October 2013

The CE marking obtained by Mieres Tubos

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Copyright images: Mieres Tubos