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Safety product creates passive columns, called ZIPpole

Safety Product is a Belgian-based manufacturer of lighting poles, traffic signs and traffic lights. The company utilises ArcelorMittal’s advanced high strength steels to create safe and passive columns for road infrastructure.

In the event of a collision with a so-called ZIPpole column, the conical-shaped pole changes into a soft ribbon of steel. The base of the column remains in the ground as the ribbon of steel wraps around the car to reduce its momentum in a controlled manner. The passive nature of the ZIPpole column developed by Safety Product has already saved many lives.

The ZIPpole® is designed to 'zip' open on impact

The ZIPpole lighting pole absorbs the shock of the impact, radically reducing the chance of the vehicle’s occupants being seriously hurt.

To ensure their columns continue to save lives for as long as possible, Safety Product utilises ArcelorMittal’s Magnelis® coating. Magnelis® is an exceptional, metallic steel coating which offers up to ten times better protection than galvanisation. It is also environmentally responsible as it significantly reduces zinc runoff. ArcelorMittal guarantees Magnelis® for up to 25 years in traffic column applications such as lighting poles.

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