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  • The universal tipper

Using ArcelorMittal’s advanced high strength steels, Weber-Stahl creates light and strong tippers

Weber-Stahl is a German company which made its name supplying components to a range of companies active in the yellow and green goods industries. But the company has also developed a range of small tippers which are proving very popular on the European – and global – market. Known as Muldy®, the compact tippers make use of the Amstrong® steel range from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products to create a lightweight yet robust solution with a very high payload.

Development of the Muldy® tipper began when Weber-Stahl were told they could not exhibit their halfpipe dump tippers at a trade fair. “We built a small-scale model and exhibited that on our stand instead,” explains Alexander Schmitz, sales manager for Weber-Stahl. “The response from visitors was strong and very positive. They could see the potential and wanted to know if there was a version which could be used as a tipper and towed by cars.”

AHSS increases payload

Weber-Stahl’s engineers immediately went to work, creating the Muldy® 3500. Designed for professionals active in building or gardening, the trailer can easily handle up to two cubic metres of material. The main body and sides of the tipper are made from extra-tough, wear resistant advanced high strength steels (AHSS) such as ArcelorMittal’s Amstrong® Ultra 700MC grade.

“The strength and wear-resistance of Amstrong® Ultra 700MC allows customers to transport gravel, broken stones, or debris easily,” says Alexander Schmitz. “Amstrong® Ultra 700MC is a very interesting material as we could use it in much thinner gauges. This increases the available payload of the tipper significantly. For example, if we use Amstrong® Ultra 700MC, the tipper weighs 800 kilograms. If we used a normal commodity grade, it would weigh much more, so the potential payload would be much lower.”

The advanced high strength steel (AHSS) can also withstand the aggressive material which is transported – for example sand and stones. “Tippers made from aluminium or with wooden side panels can’t stand up to the wear,” notes Alexander Schmitz. “Thanks to the use of ArcelorMittal’s AHSS grades, we have been able to create a universal tipper which can be used to transport all types of material.”

New models added to expand offer

The Muldy® range has been expanded to include two new models, as Alexander Schmitz explains: “In addition to the basic model, we now produce the Muldy® 3500 Cargo and the Muldy® 3500 Pick Up. Both tippers utilise Amstrong® Ultra 700MC for the body and frame. The Cargo can accommodate two pallets and includes ramps so you can use a small forklift for loading.”

The third option is the Muldy® 3500 Pick Up. “We’ve just started production of this tipper, and again, Amstrong® Ultra 700MC features strongly,” says Alexander Schmitz. “The unique feature of the Pick Up is that you have one chassis and the option to have multiple bodies. That enables one body to be filled while the other is being transported. It is perfect for every day, high use.”

Weber-Stahl is now producing around 80 Muldy® tippers annually. Demand is rising due to their high quality and versatility. “Customer who bought a Muldy® five years ago are still very happy with the machine. It turns heads in the street! Whether they work in gardens, forests, or building sites, customers can use their trailer in areas where other tippers cannot enter. And you don’t need a special licence.”

Long relationship, good dimensional feasibility

Weber-Stahl uses Amstrong® sheets produced at ArcelorMittal Bremen and delivered through our steel processing partner  ESP Geel, part of ArcelorMittal Downstream Solutions. As well as cutting the coils into sheets according to Weber-Stahl’s specifications, ESP also flattens the material.

The company was first introduced to ArcelorMittal’s AHSS range around 20 years ago explains Alexander Schmitz: “We needed for an alternative to S690 QL and discovered ArcelorMittal’s Amstrong® Ultra 700MC at a trade fair. We tested it with our customer and found it had much better cold bending capabilities and a higher strength-to-weight ratio. ArcelorMittal also has good dimensional feasibility. They can supply material up to two-metres wide which means we can make more parts with one sheet of steel.”

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Images : © Weber Stahl