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Leading tipper OEM depends on Amstrong® Ultra and Relia®

MEILLER is a leading provider of high-quality tipper structures which can be applied to trucks produced by a range of manufacturers. The structures are widely used in the construction, waste management, and commercial vehicle sectors. To ensure their durability and long life, MEILLER utilises a range of ultra high strength and wear resistant steels from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products. These grades also allow MEILLER to create lighter structures which means payload can be increased while fuel use is lowered.

MEILLER provides customers with a complete tipper structure which includes the steel construction, hydraulic equipment, and control electronics. Because they come from a single provider, each component works seamlessly to ensure an efficient and durable tipper solution.

A completely integrated solution

“We develop our innovative products as an integrated system, almost completely in parallel,” explains Wolfgang Heiss, purchasing manager for MEILLER. “This guarantees an optimum match between the vehicle chassis – provided by the OEM – and the superstructure provided by MEILLER. We use the latest techniques to transfer engineering and logistics data to truck manufacturers. This provides the OEM with short response times and distinguishes MEILLER as a competent system supplier.”

ArcelorMittal and MEILLER have worked closely for over 15 years. The tipper maker utilises ArcelorMittal’s advanced high strength steels (AHSS) such as Amstrong® 500MC. These grades are used in a range of applications from the chassis of three-way tippers to the hook-lifts of tipping semi-trailers. Recently MEILLER started using Amstrong® Ultra, an ultra high strength steel (UHSS), and Relia®, a wear-resistant grade.

Wear resistance and high strength vital to meet demands

Relia® is ArcelorMittal’s new range of high hardness, low-alloyed martensitic steels which offer outstanding resistance to wear and abrasion. “Due to its high strength and wear-resistance, Relia® 450 is able to meet the high requirements that are placed on our superstructures,” notes Wolfgang Heiss. “We see this grade as a very positive development, and it helps to expand and strengthen the partnership between our two companies.”

One of the main reasons for the successful relationship between ArcelorMittal and MEILLER is their common claim to quality notes Wolfgang Heiss: “MEILLER is known worldwide for its premium products. That means we need to work with partners that can provide the same level of quality. ArcelorMittal has done that for many years and is a major player in the development of steels such as Relia® which allow us to create lighter solutions for our customers.”

Beyond the quality of our steels, MEILLER values the support that is offered by ArcelorMittal to customers. “Requests are answered quickly and precisely,” says Wolfgang Heiss. “The same excellent service is also found in the distribution of the requested products. ArcelorMittal guarantees real added value through its reliable supply chain and just-in-time delivery performance.”


About Amstrong® Ultra and Relia®

Amstrong® Ultra is a new range of ultra high strength steels for structural parts in transport, yellow and green goods, and lifting and mechanical engineering applications. Starting at a strength of 650 MPa, the range has been extended with three new grades: Amstrong® Ultra 700MCL, 900MCL, and 960MCL.

Relia® is an innovative range of high hardness, low-alloy martensitic steels which offer outstanding resistance to wear and abrasion. Relia® grades are available in three nominal hardness levels: 400, 450, and 500 HBW. The hardness is obtained through intense water quenching during manufacture.

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