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Steel drum packaging (top disc, bottom disc, body)

Product advice on steels to be used for:
Important specification
  • Guaranteed mechanical properties
  • Surface cleanliness
  • Corrosion protection of CR
  • Aptitude for post painting

Cold rolled steels with guaranteed mechanical properties are obtained by continuous annealing, which gives them very good surface purity, excellent uniformity of their mechanical properties and a high standard of flatness.

The excellent properties of these steels allow smooth and continuous operation of the various process steps, which is particularly important on high productivity automated lines. These grades are especially recommended for forming by bending or profiling.

These steels are used for the manufacture of casing panels for domestic appliances, heating equipment, furniture, shelving, drums etc.

Ready-to-Paint coating on Cold Rolled steel allows direct painting  with no need for degreasing, phosphating nor passivating. Thanks to the excellent corrosion resistance after painting, the use of the product can be extended to the replacement of painted EG 2.5 µm / 2.5 µm

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