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  • Granite®

    Sustainable steel will protect your building 

  • Granite®

    Aesthetic and functional - a coating that meets all challenges

  • Granite®

    Make authentic and innovative designs possible 


Prepainted steel for buildings in corrosive environment

With its wide range of colors and shades along with the different textures, Granite® makes your project come true.

The aesthetics of this product makes it popular for roofing and cladding. As for its technical performance, Granite® is convincing with its robustness, durability and color stability. That is why its name is a reference to one of the most resistant minerals found in our natural environment – withstanding any type of corrosion.

Granite® is part of ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe’s Nspired by Nature range and it is certified as a product not containing hexavalent chromium or heavy metals.

Apart from their appearance, the Granite® coatings offer exceptional technical advantages and respond to present and future environmental regulations. Within the Granite® collection various aesthetic and functional products were developed - find the coating that is best suited for your requirements!

Granite® product range by application


Granite® guarantee

By selecting Granite®, you make the choice of quality & sustainability for building  systems placed in outdoor conditions.

All our specifications are based on the requirements of the construction habits and regulations. The corrosion is ensured by a zinc substrate of minimum 200 grams per square meter. The surface performance is obtained by a performing paint layer of minimum 25 microns.

But as performance is more than only defining a specification, our products have been subjected to a battery of tests in the laboratory and at outdoor exposure sites. Only after a minimum of two years exposure with positive results we start placing news products on the market.

Furthermore, ArcelorMittal is involved in “on site quality inspections”. Our development team is inspecting continuously buildings erected several years ago to check how our products behave in real conditions.

By selecting Granite®, you make the choice of a certified quality.

All our products have been labeled with ECCA Premium® (quality and sustainability for prepainted metal) and are REACh compliant (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals), meaning free of Hexavalent chromium
(recognized as a human carcinogen) or heavy metals.

Depending on the environment of the building and the life time expected, please find below some information about the right product to be used :



Expected lifetime before repainting

Most adapted Granite® coating


EN 10169 Category 

C1 to C3      


Industrial non-severe

More than 3km form the sea




Granite Standard  (>45°N)StandardRC3RUV2
Granite® HD (<45°N)StandardRC3RUV3
Granite® Flex (>45°N)StandardRC3 RUV2
Granite® Deep MatMatRC3RUV3
Granite® Silky MatMatRC3RUV4
Granite® Impression-RC3RUV4


Granite® HDSStdGrainedRC4RUV4
Granite® Deep Mat 40MatRC4RUV3
Granite® QuartzMatRC4RUV4
Granite® Silky ShineBrightRC4RUV4
Granite® HFX Cool (seamed roof)StandardRC5RUV3
Granite® Rain (gutters)StandardRC4/5RUV4


Granite® HDXGrainedRC5RUV4
Granite® StormMatRC5RUV4



Marine        1 to 3km  from the  sea


Granite® HDSStd/GrainedRC4RUV4
Granite® Deep Mat 40MatRC4RUV3
Granite® QuartzMatRC4RUV4
Granite® Silky ShineBrightRC4RUV4


Granite® HDXStandard RC5RUV4
Granite® Storm MatRC5 RUV4



Marine     300m to 1km from the sea


Granite® HDXStandardRC5RUV4
Granite® StormMatRC5RUV4

High UV area 900m altitude South of 37°N


Granite® PVDFStandardRC4RUV4
Granite® Siky ShineBrightRC4RUV4
Granite® HDXStandardRC5RUV4
Granite® StormMatRC5RUV4