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Jérôme Guth, Corinne Dieu, and Jean-Louis Remlinger will be giving a webinar with PV Magazine on November 17. In this webinar, they will elaborate on the following topics: • The benefits of Magnelis® coated steel for foundations, poles, and posts, in a solar system • Trial results of high strength steels for ramming poles and the FEM model • The benefits of high strength steel, in terms of weight, cost, and CO2 footprint reduction • Reducing steel’s CO2 footprint via XCarb® recycled and renewably produced steel At the end of the webinar there will be time for questions and answers. Don't miss it & register now! #PV #solar #webinar #magnelis #XCarb

Magnelis® & the Dingemans Group: A low-carbon commitment

A very hot C5 marine location ... the port of Santander is for sure one of the typical environments our colleagues had in mind when they created Granite® HDXtreme. The right product at the right place. #ArcelorMittal #Granite #steel #roofs #facades #building #steelforconstruction #architecture #Santander #Boluda