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Online client newsletter | September 2022

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Durable, strong, safe

ArcelorMittal’s Amstrong® Ultra helps Wielton Group create industry leading semi-trailers

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Over more than a decade of cooperation with ArcelorMittal, Wielton Group’s steel requirements have evolved with the semi-trailers they manufacture. Today Wielton Group utilises high strength grades from ArcelorMittal’s Amstrong® Ultra range to produce semi-trailers which are destined for use in extremely harsh conditions. The use of Amstrong® Ultra provides the semi-trailers with their high strength and durability, factors which have helped Wielton Group become one of the top semi-trailer manufacturers in the world. Amstrong® Ultra also allows Wielton Group to lightweight their semi-trailers, which can reduce fuel use or enhance load capacity.

Wielton Group can tailor its semi-trailers to specific customer requirements with ArcelorMittal’s wide offer

High strength steels such as Amstrong® Ultra can significantly reduce the weight of semi-trailers

“The properties of Amstrong® Ultra enable us to maintain the important features which set our vehicles apart from the competition,” notes Bartosz Strugacz, Group Procurement Director for Wielton Group. “That includes durability, strength, and safety during use. Amstrong® Ultra helps us to meet the expectations of our customers for extended vehicle life in intensive use conditions.”

Bartosz Strugacz, Group Procurement Director for Wielton Group

Amstrong® Ultra creates durable vehicles

Tippers made by Wielton Group are special-purpose vehicles which often work in harsh environments such as mines, gravel pits, and construction sites. This makes material selection vital as Bartosz Strugacz explains: “When a customer chooses a Wielton Group tipper or other type of semi-trailer, they are selecting a very specific tool which will make their daily tasks easier. Our task is to provide them with a tool that will meet their expectations and will be safe to use. We know that the use of high-quality steel grades such as Amstrong® Ultra can help us meet these expectations.”

Wielton Group produces semi-trailers for many different applications

Wielton Group’s tippers make extensive use of Amstrong® Ultra

Another consideration in material selection is the weight of the semi-trailer. “The main reason we choose Amstrong® Ultra is its high strength,” says Bartosz Strugacz. “That enables us to achieve effective and efficient weight reductions. Both fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced during use. This is particularly important as the transport sector aims to reduce its carbon footprint.”

Wielton Group is one of the top three semi-trailer manufacturers in Europe

Bartosz Strugacz believes that Wielton Group’s long-standing cooperation with ArcelorMittal is proof of their satisfaction with ArcelorMittal’s offer: “ArcelorMittal’s high-quality products, proven cooperation, and timely deliveries are extremely important in running a business. Having a reliable supplier who is willing to provide individual solutions is an important link in our production chain.”

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