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  • quality and sustainability for prepainted steel

ArcelorMittal granted with quality and sustainability label for outdoor prepainted products

ArcelorMittal is the first steel producer to be granted a new label by the European Coil Coating Association (ECCA).

The ECCA Premium®label ensures the quality and sustainability of pre-painted metals for outdoor applications. ECCA developed it to differentiate quality products which meet high European standards from inferior imports.

ArcelorMittal´s products Granite® Standard, HD, HDS, HDX, Deep Mat and Flex have received the ECCA Premium®l abel.

“We are very proud of this first certification”, says Sake Van Gils, manager of Product Offer Management Industry.  “It is a team work and I would like to congratulate in particular the quality and production teams who performed a great job.”

ArcelorMittal technology development center in Avilés, Spain. Architect © [baragaño], photography © Mariela Apollonio

Certifications are carried out by a panel of independent certification bodies. Once a line is certified, the ECCA Premium® label can be applied to any product produced on that line. 

The benefits of the ECCA Premium® Quality and Sustainability label are numerous for customers, developers and builders in the construction market:

  • Long term aesthetics and durability of colours: a defined and minimum paint system thickness is compulsory to ensure the beauty of the building.
  • Robust and resistant against harsh environment conditions: the thickness of the metallic coating layer is optimized to protect the steel substrate
  • Creative design for complex forms: flexibility and adhesion of the paint are key to allow smooth processing operations
  • Sustainability: the steel used is manufactured in a safe and environmentally responsible way; free of heavy metals or substances of very high concern (REACH). Therefore ECCA Premium® contributes to green building labels.

This confirms our engagement towards excellent products for the construction market. We already make progress to certify the whole range of our outdoor prepainted steels at all our organic coating lines in Europe” says Jérôme Guth manager of Business Development Construction at ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products.

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About ECCA


Since its establishment in 1967, ECCA, the European Coil Coating Association, is the voice of the coil coating industry (prepainted metals) in Europe with more than 120 member companies active in this market (steel/aluminium coil coaters and their suppliers).
ECCA is dedicated to the promotion of the use of coil and/or sheet coated metal as the environmentally sound, the cost effective and the high quality method of finishing.
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