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  • Aluzinc®

    From unique to remarkable

Aluzinc® is a range of flat carbon steels with a unique alloy coating of 55% aluminium, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon. The Aluzinc® range is versatile and offers high performance, respecting both the environment and the natural beauty of steel.

Aluzinc® features


A variety of applications


Aluzinc® is the perfect combination of strength and beauty making it an outstanding product in every way. Whatever your application, Aluzinc® is a cost-effective and sustainable solution with outstanding performances.

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Philippe Vandenameele, ArcelorMittal Dudelange, photo POSITIF Bordeaux, Stéphane Chalmeau, Hervé Abbadie, Christian Michel, Luc Boegly, Antonio Martinelli, Trevor Sutton, Studio 2 - adapted by CDP for ArcelorMittal.


Fire brigade in Libourne, France by Atelier des Architectes Mazières and Agence Ragueneau et Roux.
Meteor Building in Saint Nazaire, France by Jean-Claude Pondevie, Blanchard Marsault Pondevie Architectes.
Sports hall in Toulon, France by Jean Chabanne
School & media library in Cavaillon, France by Aura Agency, Marseille
Lycée Gallieni, Toulouse, France by Vasconi Associés Architectes
Marcadet Residence, Paris by Cantin Planchez Architectures