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  • High carbon and case hardening steels

Reliable hot rolled steels for high quality products

For a number of years ArcelorMittal has been developing its range of high carbon steels for re-rolling and heat treatment applications. We are continuing to improve our flexibility and process to meet our customers’ most stringent demands.

General properties

High carbon steels are characterised by their hardness after heat treatment. They can offer high strength ratings, including fatigue resistance. Case hardening steels are characterised by their ability to form a harder skin after heat treatment.

Main advantages

High carbon steels are designed for the production of parts for intensive use. Case hardening steels are suitable for parts subjected to high pressures and/or extreme impacts. ArcelorMittal produces a high-quality hot rolled strip suitable for fulfilling the highest requirements for your end product.


This type of steel must be cold rolled and/or subjected to heat treatment (annealing, quenching and tempering), depending on the application for which it is intended. High carbon steels can be used for manufacturing mechanical parts, such as clutches, springs, saws, valves, measuring tape etc. Case hardening steels are particularly suitable for screws, fasteners, firing pins, rifle bolts, engine camshafts etc.

ArcelorMittal product technical properties

Low thickness tolerance

In view of the tolerance values required for finished products made from re-rolled strip, ArcelorMittal normally offers a tighter tolerance range for these grades, which is 3/4 of the standard tolerance required by EN 10051:2010 (old categories A, B, C, D from the previous standard are still taken into account – see product resistance category in the table below). On top of that, 1/2 and even 1/3 of the standard tolerance can be guaranteed under certain conditions.

Low transverse coil profile

As these products are frequently re-rolled after slitting, ArcelorMittal can supply, in certain dimensions, coils with an extra flat profile that can be 1/2 or even 1/3 of the standard tolerance defined by EN 10051:2010; on ArcelorMittal products a crown lower than 60 μm can currently be guaranteed for thicknesses < 6 mm.

Good internal purity

Internal purity (inclusion of impurities) is defined according to the NFA 04.106 standard. The following table gives the standard guaranteed values. Correspondence with purity ratings as per other standards (e.g. DIN 50602, ASTM E45-05, EN 10247) is available on request.


The guaranteed maximum decarburisation is 2.5% (sum of the decarburisation values measured on the two sides). Do not hesitate to contact us for further information regarding the technical properties we can offer.


Final cold rolled high carbon & case hardening steel properties compared with other cold rolled steels