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  • New organic coated finishes for facades

    Granite® Silky Mat

  • New organic coated finishes for facades

    Granite® Impression

Granite® Silky Mat and Granite® Impression will be added to our offer for building applications

ArcelorMittal’s Granite® range includes a number of organic coated products for outdoor building applications. Two new options will be added to the offer from January 2014: Granite® Silky Mat and Granite® Impression. Designed for use in prestigious architectural facades, the new finishes offer unique patterns and textures which will add drama, character and excitement to any exterior.

“These products are designed by architects for architects and Global R&D has developed them accordingly. The new aesthetics allow architects to reinforce the personality of their designs, whatever the type of building,” says André Lavaud, Product Lead, Coated Products for ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe. The visual aesthetics of Granite® Silky Mat* and Granite® Impression* are so unique that we have protected the designs with the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM).

Like all of our Granite® products, Granite® Silky Mat and Granite® Impression are part of the ArcelorMittal Nature range. All of our Nature organic coated steels are free from heavy metals and chromates (see box). “Both products have been inspired by nature, as new constructions must be more sustainable and integrated into the landscape,” notes André Lavaud.

Sparkling mat finish adds glamour

Granite® Silky Mat is a highly durable finish in two different wrinkled textures: smooth or rough. The smooth option is extremely fine, giving a completely flat mat finish which will last for years. The coarser texture of the rough finish has a slight sparkle which adds glamour to any construction.

The rough finish of Granite® Silky Mat is available in six natural colours, while the smooth option is available in five colours. A rigorous quality assurance system is in place at all our mills to ensure that colours produced on any line conform to the ArcelorMittal standard.

New textures leave an impression

Granite® Impression is available in four options: snake, elephant and blue and brown agate. The texture of snake offers irregular scales of various hues and longitudinal forms. By contrast, the elephant finish is very tough and wrinkled in appearance. Granite® Impression agate finish is available in natural blue or brown. Both colours add a classic polished stone effect to a project.

Robust and flexible solutions

Granite® Impression and Granite® Silky Mat feature a robust but flexible paint system which is scratch resistant, durable and formable. They are ideal for cladding applications such as sandwich panels, profiled sheets and cassettes.

Protective films can be applied to Granite® Impression and Granite® Silky Mat coils on request. Customers can also apply these films to finished products such as cassettes.

To answer the needs of specific construction projects, both products are available in small quantities. “As ArcelorMittal FCE’s ‘small lots’ service applies to the whole Granite® range, our customers can fully benefit from this new offer,” explains André Lavaud. Please contact your nearest agency for more details about this service.

Granite® Impression and Granite® Silky Mat have been subjected to a battery of tests in the laboratory and at outdoor exposure sites to ensure the best possible product performance.

Granite® Impression and Granite® Silky Mat are available from ArcelorMittal’s network of building system manufacturers and steel service centres.

“We have used our Isopar panels which were made with ArcelorMittal’s Granite® Silky Mat for our stand at the MadeExpo in Milan this year. The Granite® Silky Mat was appreciated by the visitors to our stand. We have received good feedback on the aesthetics, and also on the tactile feel of this special surface finish.”

Fabrizio Bettio, Purchasing Manager, Lattonedil

Designed for environmentally responsible building

At ArcelorMittal, we truly believe in the principles of sustainable development and are fully committed to making sure that our steel contributes to the future growth of environmentally responsible construction. That’s why we have introduced our Nature collection of organic coated steels. The products in the range are:

  • Free of hexavalent chromium compounds (SVHC)
  • Free of lead and other heavy metals
  • Fully tested by our R&D experts to extreme corrosion and weathering conditions, both in the laboratory and outdoors
  • Innovative and aesthetic for more harmonious integration in the environment.

Many have reflective coatings which provide more comfortable living conditions, reducing indoor temperatures by a few degrees in hot and sunny environments.

Both Granite® Impression and Granite® Silky Mat are part of ArcelorMittal’s Nature range.

Get Nspired by Nature

Download the leaflets of Granite® Silky Mat and Granite® Impression

  Granite® Silky Mat leaflet
  Granite® Impression leaflet


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