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  • Bring Aluzinc® indoors

The creative decorative solution for interior architectural projects

ArcelorMittal’s Aluzinc® is an aluminium-zinc alloy coating which can be applied to a range of flat carbon steel products.
Thanks to its beautiful aspect and excellent corrosion resistance, Aluzinc® will encourage creativity in your indoor projects.

Office building with atrium in Aluzinc® – La Rochelle, France

Natural beauty and excellent light reflectivity

Aluzinc® is characterised by its spangled silver colour thanks to its thin aluminium oxide coating. This coating gives Aluzinc® its very attractive and bright appearance – ideal for internal applications where a lack of natural light is an issue. The brightness of Aluzinc® is preserved over time and provides architects and interior designers with almost limitless design possibilities.

Technical data

Aluzinc® Florelis for modern and trendy projects

With a guaranteed spangle density of between 1,000 and 1,800 spangles/dm2, Aluzinc® Florelis offers the homogeneity and uniformity needed to create eye-catching projects.
The natural spangled silver aspect of Aluzinc® has an exceptional capacity to reflect light. It provides a unique and attractive aesthetic for all types of indoor applications. 

Aluzinc® by numbers

The strength of Aluzinc®

Along with its aesthetic properties, Aluzinc® also offers:

  • Outstanding corrosion resistance.
  • Excellent fire resistance without toxic fumes (meets European standard EN 13501-1 A1).
  • 100% chromium-free surface treatments which are very environmentally friendly.
    And at the end of its useful life, Aluzinc® steel can be completely recycled.
  • A surface which is recommended for use in food storage areas (NF A 36-712-6).
  • Ease of working during bonding, cold forming, cutting, deep drawing, stamping and welding operations.

European building certifications


Various accessories are available to make the installation of Aluzinc® products simple and efficient. Ask about our range of fixings, profiles, hides, and protections.