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  • Greener products

Making Safe and Sustainable Steel

In 2012, ArcelorMittal spent 39 million Euros in the development of green products.  In ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products, this translates into a strong green products policy, based on:

  • A Life Cycle Analysis which includes the use of the products and subsequent recycling. This leads us to help our customers to move towards friendlier processes and products and a cleaner workshop. We develop ECO-Design in partnership with our clients
  • The anticipation of legal and regulatory obligations (see our Nature range of products for Construction)
  • The restriction of use of hazardous substances as far as reasonably possible
  • The promotion of environmentally-friendly recycling of steel

In this section we introduce ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products' environmentally-friendly ranges of products. Click on the links for more information.

Lightweight solutions

Thanks to high-strength steels, our clients require less steel for equivalent or even better performance. This contributes to reducing environmental impact and preserves natural resources from 30% up to 70%. 

Amstrong®, high strength and ultra high strength steels help to lighten the workload of yellow machinery.

Increased lifetime

An increased durability reduces the need for producing more steel and increases the maintenance cycles.

Magnelis® is the optimal coating to protect against atmospheric corrosion, a breakthrough in corrosion-resistant metallic coatings that performs up to ten times better than galvanised steel.

Nature for the construction industry

This Chrome-free, heavy metal-free, more healthy range of organic coatings was launched in 2012, 5 years in advance compared with the European requirements.

Visit the official page of Nature, find the document centre and download all promotion material on Nature.

Environmentally-friendly protection layers

E-Passivation®: Cr6-free temporary protection for all types of metallic coatings. It includes a mineral and organic layer containing corrosion inhibitors.

Easyfilm® E, a thin Cr6-free transparent organic coating protecting against corrosion fingerprints and improving sliding characteristics during forming operations. It can be used as a primer coat for subsequent painting.

Green enamelling to reduce the environmental footprint of our clients

In addition to the Ready-to-Paint, Ready-to-Enamel offers much better formability than other enamelling steels and does not require re-oiling and degreasing.

RoHS compliance for electric and electronic industry

Heavy-metals-free (Pb, Cd, Cr6, Hg etc) range of coated products for electric and electronic devices.