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  • Aluzinc® for roofing

Aluzinc®: timeless elegance

Creative options for all your roofing needs

Aluzinc®, a flat carbon steel sheet from ArcelorMittal, sets the standard for dry and insulated roofing. This product combines attractive aesthetics with demonstrated durability.

 Aluzinc® by numbers

Aesthetically attractive, determinately durable

Aluzinc®’s natural spangled silver aspect lends an attractive aesthetical appearance to the steel sheet. And thanks to the thin, transparent layer of aluminium oxide on its top surface, the steel will continue to shine over time. In fact, Aluzinc®’s unique combination of aluminium and zinc has a demonstrated track record for outstanding resistance to corrosion even in highly corrosive environments.

We are so confident in Aluzinc®'s ability to withstand corrosion that we back the AZ185 coating with a 25-year guarantee!

Efficient and sustainable

Aluzinc®’s sustainable design optimises your roof’s thermal efficiency. Its long-lasting shine creates excellent reflective power, meaning an Aluzinc® roof acts as a built-in climate control system.

Heat transmitted from a building’s exterior to its interior. Solar radiation 850 watt/m2

Highly formable, excellent resistance

Aluzinc® HFX (High Formability eXtended) for standing seam roofs and rainwater systems combines the extreme formability with Aluzinc®’s staunch reputation for corrosion resistance. The result is a new standard in roofing, replacing pure-zinc sheets and offering a cost-effective alternative to other metallic solutions.

Technical data

Coating AZ185
Steel grades DX51D to DX54D +AZ
  DX56D only for Aluzinc® HFX (with compulsory Easyfilm® E)
  S220GD to S550GD +AZ
Surface treatments Easyfilm® E or E-Passivation®
Thickness 0.5 to 0.8 mm currently used (other formats upon request)

European building certifications