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Steel envelope raises the interest of architects in Sweden

SBI, the Swedish Institute of Steel Construction, awarded its Steel Building prize on 28 May. ArcelorMittal, member of the association, had the opportunity to speak about the many benefits of steel for building skins, in terms of aesthetics, workability, durability, robustness & sustainability, illustrated by a range of pre-painted products particularly adapted for this highly demanding market:

  • Granite® HFX Cool offering excellent formability for standing seam roofs
  • Granite® Storm for steel tiles guaranteed up to 35 years
  • Granite® HDX for façades with the highest levels of durability and colour stability
  • Granite® Silky Mat and Granite® Silky Shine proposing renewed aesthetics and textures

The event was also the opportunity for ArcelorMittal to present Steel Envelope, a new book for architects & designers showcasing, with samples & references, a wide range of steels for roofs, façades as well as interior design. Several architects, including the winning team, expressed interest towards Steel envelope and shall be visited in the coming weeks.

More about SBI

Part of a European network of Independent Promotion Organizations (in particular DSI- the Danish Steel Institute, NSF- the Norwegian Steel Association, and several other association throughout Europe), SBI promotes steel in construction, both for structure and envelope, for buildings and infrastructures.

Find more about this year's winner of the Steel building prize "Aula Medica", in the No. 2 2015 magazine:

SBI Magazine No. 2 2015