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  • Be Nspired by Nature

    Nature: innovative organic coated steel for sustainable building solutions

Discover Nature

Innovative organic coated steel for sustainable building solutions

At ArcelorMittal, we truly believe in the principals of sustainable development and are fully committed to making sure that our steel contributes to the future growth of environmentally responsible construction.

Therefore we are proud to announce the release of our new organic coated steel collection in 2012 entitled simply Nature.

Organic coated material from different origins might look the same,
but there are differences beyond the aspect.

Entirely recyclable, the Nature collection is a sustainable organic coated steel product line, always delivered with coatings and surface treatments free of hexavalent chromium* and heavy metals (lead or hexavalent chromium complex).

* Substances of Very High Concern included in the candidate list of REACH

Find out more on REACH on the website of the European Chemicals Agency

Especially designed for environmentally responsible construction

The benefits of the ArcelorMittal Nature collection:

  • Free of hexavalent chromium compounds (SVHC)
  • Free of lead and other heavy metals
  • Guaranteed up to 35 years
  • Fully tested by our R&D experts to extreme corrosion and weathering conditions, both in the laboratory and outdoors
  • Innovative aesthetics for a more harmonious integration in the environment
  • Reflective coatings allow more comfortable living conditions, reducing indoor temperatures by a few degrees in hot and sunny environments

By launching our Nature product collection of organic coated steels, we want to offer this sustainable advantage to your projects.

Visit our document centre and download all promotion material on Nature

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Because the more responsible our actions are today, the better chance future generations will have of enjoying tomorrow.

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