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  • Magnelis®
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Magnelis® is an exceptional metallic coating which provides a breakthrough in corrosion protection and is the best choice for a wide variety of applications.

Thanks to its unique composition, Magnelis® provides an unprecedented level of surface and cut-edge protection, even in the most hostile environments.

It is produced on a classic hot dip galvanising line which molten bath has a unique chemical composition including zinc, 3.5% aluminium, and 3% magnesium.

Solar structures
Magnelis® in the largest photovoltaic farm in Latin America - Read more

Agricultural equipment
Magnelis® shines in the ultimate corrosive environment - Read more

Building structures
Magnelis® converts traditional housing customer to steel - Read more

Magnelis® provides long-term support for wine growers - Read more

Magnelis® features


Let’s build your solution together!

ArcelorMittal is offering an innovative co-engineering approach to its customers in order to optimise the use of Magnelis® and to achieve the best possible results and cost reduction.

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