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  • Steel Envelope for architects

Meeting architects with Steel Envelope

On December 2, ArcelorMittal presented Steel Envelope to the Asturias Association of Architects.

Since a few months, Emilio Garcia Alonso, architect within ArcelorMittal, promotes Steel Envelope towards architects and engineering companies in Spain. Consisting of a landmark book and a dedicated website, Steel Envelope gives architects, designers and engineers a chance to touch and feel ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products' construction products.

As part of this promotion campaign, Emilio had the opportunity to present Steel Envelope at the premises of Oviedo and Gijon of the Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Asturias (Asturias Association of Architects). The event took place on December 2, and more than 75 architects attended.

Emilio Garcia Alonso presented Steel Envelope, “a unique invitation to discover and explore a selection of steels of high aesthetic features for the envelope".  Sergio Baragaño, a well known architect in Asturias, who has created a number of buildings made of steel and has recently developed a concept of modular house together with ArcelorMittal, spoke about "Industrial Romanticism".

The participants had access to a set of documentation (the Steel Envelope USB card, the Nature brochure and leaflets of products Granite® HDX, Granite® Impression, Granite® Quartz, Granite® Silky Mat and Granite® Shine. In addition they could touch and see 21 different A4 samples in A4 and of course the Steel Envelope book itself.

The many questions raised by the architects confirmed their interest towards steel, which offers many solutions for the most demanding projects. Many of them were amazed by the variety of textures and patterns available in the range of ArcelorMittal coated steels for construction.

The message of Emilio Garcia Alonso to the architects was: “In any project, give an opportunity to steel, because it solves many problems and offers solutions in almost every project. Ask for a high quality product, and work with transformers who are specialists of steel, they will help you make the best use of it.”

Emilio Garcia Alonso also commented: "Steel Envelope approach fully meets the expectations of architects with its so many projects presented and its samples that they can touch and feel. This really encourages them to consider steel for their projects, even for private housing constructions”.

Metal Foundation (Asturias, Spain), Architect © [baragaño], photography © Mariela Apollonio

Steel Envelope

A limited edition Steel Envelope book has been published and will be distributed to architects across Europe. As well as detachable samples, the book features large format images and practical details about each construction steel grade and finish.

The samples can be easily removed so that they can be viewed in real-life interior or exterior lighting conditions. Samples of ArcelorMittal’s metallic (Magnelis®, Aluzinc® Florelis, and Indaten®) and pre-painted (Granite® and Estetic®) steel finishes are presented.

Like the Steel Envelope website, the book includes a product selector which helps architects and designers select the right steel for the right application.

Important information about colour ranges, guarantees and product features is available at your fingertips.

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