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  • Greener products

Making Safe and Sustainable Steel

In 2012, ArcelorMittal spent 39 million Euros in the development of green products.  In ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe (FCE), this translates into a strong green products policy, based on:

  • A Life Cycle Analysis which includes the use of the products and subsequent recycling. This leads us to help our customers to move towards friendlier processes and products and a cleaner workshop. We develop ECO-Design in partnership with our clients
  • The anticipation of legal and regulatory obligations (see our Nature range of products for Construction)
  • The restriction of use of hazardous substances as far as reasonably possible
  • The promotion of environmentally-friendly recycling of steel

In this section we introduce Flat Carbon Europe's environmentally-friendly ranges of products. Click on the links for more information.

Lightweight solutions

Thanks to high-strength steels, our clients require less steel for equivalent or even better performance. This contributes to reducing environmental impact and preserves natural resources from 30% up to 70%. 

Amstrong®, high strength and ultra high strength steels help to lighten the workload of yellow machinery.

S-in motion, steel solutions for lighter, safer and more environmentally-friendly vehicles.

Increased lifetime

An increased durability reduces the need for producing more steel and increases the maintenance cycles.

Magnelis® is the optimal coating to protect against atmospheric corrosion, a breakthrough in corrosion-resistant metallic coatings that performs up to ten times better than galvanised steel.

Nature for the construction industry

This Chrome-free, heavy metal-free, more healthy range of organic coatings was launched in 2012, 5 years in advance compared with the European requirements.

Environmentally-friendly protection layers

E-Passivation®: Cr6-free temporary protection for all types of metallic coatings. It includes a mineral and organic layer containing corrosion inhibitors.

Easyfilm® E, a thin Cr6-free transparent organic coating protecting against corrosion fingerprints and improving sliding characteristics during forming operations. It can be used as a primer coat for subsequent painting.

Green enamelling to reduce the environmental footprint of our clients

In addition to the Ready-to-PaintReady-to-Enamel offers much better formability than other enamelling steels and does not require re-oiling and degreasing.

RoHS compliance for electric and electronic industry

Heavy-metals-free (Pb, Cd, Cr6, Hg etc) range of coated products for electric and electronic devices.