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  • Aluzinc® HFX

Aluzinc® HFX ... focus on applications requiring a metallic coated product with extremely flexible/formable properties

Like other galvanised products, Aluzinc® with Easyfilm® can be profiled, bent or drawn. To meet the specific needs of its customers, ArcelorMittal Dudelange has developed Aluzinc® HFX (High Formability eXtended).

High Formability eXtended

Thanks to a special production process, the Aluzinc® coating improves aptitude for deep drawing, as well as for extremely difficult forming operations, thus avoiding cracks.


Ventilation system

New Aluzinc® HFX is a metallic coating combining the excellent corrosion resistance of conventional Aluzinc® with high formability properties.

The ductility of Aluzinc® HFX can be compared to that of pure zinc sheets, enabling it to compete in the pure zinc sheet market for roofing, for instance. Furthermore, with this product, the company can play a more active part in the market for severe deep-drawn parts requiring high corrosion resistance (Appliances, General Industry and Automotive).

If the shape required is complex, there is only one solution: Aluzinc® HFX!

 Available steel grades and mechanical properties 

Aluzinc® HFX is protected by Easyfilm® E


What is Easyfilm® coating?

A thin acrylic film is continuously applied on line in a coil coating machine. It is then dried, leaving an approximately 1 micron layer of a transparent colourless organic coating. This enhances the properties of Aluzinc® and of metallic coated products in general.

Advantages of Easyfilm®

  • Acts as a dry lubricant, thus avoiding the need for any degreasing after processing.
  • Serves as a primer when products are post-painted.

The ecological advantage of Easyfilm® E

The Easyfilm® E coating that is applied to Aluzinc® HFX is a 100% chromium-free passivation, and also complies with the RoHS requirements.

Aluzinc® HFX retains the main advantages and properties of the Aluzinc® product

  • Superior corrosion protection: 5x higher than hot dip galvanised
  • Beautiful silvery look
  • Mechanical properties of steel
  • Coating certified for use in food storage areas (NFA Standard 36-712-6, April 2006)
  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Good abrasion resistance



  • Roofing and drainage systems: Thanks to the plasticity of the material, roofs - and particularly standing seam roofs - can be made using very simple tools and finished by hand. For these types of applications, Aluzinc® can replace pure zinc sheets at a much lower cost!
  • Gutters and drainpipes: Difficult shapes such as corners and T-connections can be deep drawn easily.

General industry

Small parts for various accessories (ranging in size from 5 to 7 cm): The outstanding corrosion resistance of Aluzinc® makes it the only possible pre-coated material for some applications. When the shape is complex, Aluzinc® HFX is the solution!

Part of a window opener     Bulb fixture          Support for lawn mower bearings

Household appliances

Gas meters: For years, drawn housings for gas meters have been one of the typical applications for Aluzinc® HFX, although it is often subsequently painted.

Painted and unpainted applications