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  • Boron steels

Heat treatable boron steel grades offer excellent resistance against abrasive wear

ArcelorMittal’s boron steel grades offer a one-of-a-kind microstructure and hardness capable of standing up against even the most abrasive wear.

ArcelorMittal’s boron steel grades represent a breakthrough for durable steel – meaning they are a cost-effective solution to prolong the lifetime of your final products. Hardened via a boron quenching process and hot rolling-controlled thermo-mechanical treatment, our boron steel line boasts a remarkable degree of hardness, giving the final product:

  • A uniform microstructure
  • Outstanding mechanical loading
  • Excellent resistance to abrasive wear 

Our offer 

Heat treatable grades

Mainly used in agricultural parts, requiring high wear/abrasion resistance:
22MnB5 AM FCE, 30MnB5 AM FCE and 38MnB5 AM FCE.

The choice of grade depends on:

  • Required hardness of the finished part
  • Resistance to abrasive wear needed
  • Complexity of the forming process

All grades can be hot or cold formed. 

Non-heat treated grades

Delivered directly to the customer and ready to use:

In their delivery condition boron grades are a cost-effective solution for applications requiring resistance to smaller wear particles. Thanks to their composite microstructure, these grades offer a remarkably good abrasion resistance. 30MnB5 DRUM AM FCE, a modified, untreated version of 30MnB5, is available for such applications as concrete mixer drums.

The boron grade advantage

  • High wear and abrasion resistance – meaning
    - more durability
    - less material weight loss
    - low maintenance level
    - longer lifetime
    - increased cost savings
  • Suitable for environmentally-friendly water quenching processes
  • Excellent hardening performance, also possible with both oil and gas quenching