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  • ArcelorMittal's wide range of electrical steels

Because ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products operates a policy of continuous development, our electrical steels product offer naturally is in a constant state of evolution.

Therefore, we advise you to regularly consult our online product catalogues for Europe:

Industry (> D electrical steel product sheets)
Automotive (> iCARe®)

Our product offer contains a very broad range of steel grades with specific magnetic properties. Therefore, it is important to carefully select which is best suited for your specific application. 

The product selection guides will help you in this process.


Electrical steels for automotive traction machines

iCARe® is ArcelorMittal’s range of innovative electrical steels for the automotive market.
Finding innovative (i) and environmentally friendly (e) solutions is essential for the CAR of tomorrow. These values form the core of the name iCARe®. Our iCARe® steels help automakers create environmentally friendly mobility solutions for a greener world.

Three steel types

There are three steel types included in the iCARe® offer. Each type is specifically designed for a typical electric automotive application:

  • Save: steels with very low losses
    Ideal for the efficiency of the electrical machine. Their key role is maximise the use of the current coming from the battery. Read more...
  • Torque: steels with high permeability
    They achieve the highest levels of mechanical power output for a motor or current supply for a generator. Read more...
  • Speed: steels for high speed rotors
    Specific high strength electrical steels which maintain a high level of magnetic performance. They allow the machine to be more compact and have a higher power density. Read more...
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Improved grain-oriented electrical steels meet energy efficiency targets for transformers

ArcelorMittal’s latest generation of grain oriented (GO) electrical steels ensure transformer manufacturers can meet new European energy efficiency targets which are effective since July 2015. Four improved grades have been developed by ArcelorMittal, making it possible for transformer manufacturers to reduce losses at any working point while slightly reducing the active material mass. These electrical steels are in production at ArcelorMittal Frýdek-Místek (Czech Republic).

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Find all existing information on steels for industrial electrical applications in our product document centre

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