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  • Sustainable construction begins with steel

  • Transforming building

  • If it’s meant to last, build it with steel

  • Discover our new aesthetics for facades

    Granite® Silky Mat and Impression

ArcelorMittal offers a full range of steels and solutions for both exterior and interior building applications. From roofing and cladding to composite flooring systems and lightweight structures, ArcelorMittal has your project covered. Our high level of experience, technology and support will ensure the long-term sustainability of your steel construction.

In focus

Project gallery

Need inspiration? Check out some of the realisations made with our steel.

Click on the pictures to find out more...

Rotterdam's Timmerhuis


Stoas Vilentum University


Geoffroy-Guichard stadium


Adro recreational centre


Théâtre d'Archipel


And many more examples like these...