Ready-to-Enamel cold rolled steel is obtained by surface deposition of a dry organic coating. Ready-to-Enamel cold rolled steel can be formed without the addition of a lubricant and surface treatment before enamelling is no longer required.


Ready-to-Enamel cold rolled steel offers clients the following advantages:



Use of this product therefore brings significant cost savings:



As a result, this product has a lower CO2 footprint so that its use has less impact on the environment.


Ready-to-Enamel cold rolled steel is mainly used to manufacture different types of parts:


Recommendations for use

Storage conditions


Under appropriate transport and storage conditions, a three-month guarantee against corrosion can be provided. It is of course recommended that the steel should be kept in a dry place not subject to large fluctuations in humidity or temperature in order to avoid any condensation forming. Coil packaging is obviously an advantage in all cases.


Slitting and cutting


The material must be slit and cut in good, clean conditions, with no residual water, oil, dust or grease present on the rolls, knives, shears or any other mechanical part in contact with the steel surface.




The excellent lubricating properties of Ready-to-Enamel cold rolled steel mean that there is no need to apply a lubricant during forming. Ready-to-Enamel cold rolled steel attains the same dynamic friction coefficient as with standard deep drawing oil.

However, it is very important to ensure that tools are clean before use to avoid soiling the surface of the parts, since this could produce surface blemishes after enamelling. Air-blowing the parts clean or even rinsing them is advisable before enamelling.




Ready-to-Enamel cold rolled steel is compatible with all common joining methods, including spot welding. Welding latitude and electrode life are identical to what is observed with oiled products.



With Ready-to-Enamel cold rolled steel, no surface preparation (degreasing) is required, so that the parts can be enamelled directly. It is compatible with commonly used enamelling processes:



Enamel application can be carried out using either a dry or a wet method. In the latter case, a surfactant must be added to the enamel slip.


The coating can be applied on all cold rolled enamelling steel grades:


– DC01EK
– DC04EK
– DC06EK
– DC07EK
– Solfer®
– Solfer®+
– Solfer® CA


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