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Hot rolled steels
   Steels for cold forming and deep drawing applications
   Steels for re-rolling
   Structural forming grades
   High Strength Low Alloy steels Amstrong®
      Improved Surface for hot rolled products-MASC (Micro-Adhesive Scale)
      Hot rolled pickled steel with ¼ EN 10051 thickness tolerance
   Ultra High Strength Low Alloy Steels Amstrong® Ultra
   Wear resistant steels Relia®
   Structural steels
   Atmospheric corrosion resistant steels Indaten®
   Steel coils for laser cutting applications
   Sheets for laser cutting - Amstrong® Laser
   Steels with a specific chemical composition
   High carbon, alloy and case hardening steels
   Quenchable boron steels
   Steels for pipes
   Steels for pressure vessels and boilers
   Steels for gas containers
   Steels with dry coating Easyfilm®
   Floor plates
Cold rolled steels
   Ready-to-Paint cold rolled steels
   Steels for cold forming
   Blued steels
   High Strength Low Alloy steels
   Structural steels
   Atmospheric corrosion resistant steels Indaten®
   Cold rolled steels optimised for forming operations
   Steels with a specific chemical composition
   High strength steel for lightweight gas containers
Steels for enamelling
   Cold rolled steels for conventional enamelling
   Decarburised cold rolled steel for white and coloured enamelling processes: Solfer® range
   Structural cold rolled steel for enamelling with guaranteed minimum yield strength after enamel firing: HC300EK
   Hot rolled steels for one side enamelling
Steels for electrical applications
   Varnish for non-oriented
   Fully processed standard grades
   Fully processed high permeability and high thermal conductivity grades
   Fully processed high frequency grade
   Fully processed high strength grades
   Semi-processed standard grades
   Semi-processed high permeability grades
   Steels with guaranteed punchability Easy Punch
   Cold rolled pole sheet grades
   Hot rolled pole sheet grades
   Varnish for grain-oriented
   Grain-oriented fully processed conventional grades
   Grain-oriented fully processed improved conventional grades
Metallic coated steels
   Jetskin® *, metallic coating applied using JVD 
   Electrogalvanised steels
   Hot dip galvanised steels
      Hot dip galvanised heavy coatings >= Z450
   Steels with zinc-aluminium coating galfan
   Steels with zinc-aluminium-magnesium coating Magnelis®
   Steels with aluminium-zinc coating Aluzinc®
   Steels with aluminium-silicon coating Alusi®
   Steels with aluminium coating Alupur®
   Environmentally friendly temporary protection E-Passivation®
   Steels with thin organic coating Easyfilm®
Organic coated steels
   Nature: green organic coated steels for sustainable buildings
   Organic coated steels for outdoor applications Granite® and Solano® Nature
      Granite® Standard - roofing, cladding, profiled parts
      Granite® HD - roofing, cladding, profiled parts
      Granite® HDS - roofing, cladding
      Granite® HDX - roofing (tiles and gutters), cladding
      Granite® HFX Cool - standing seam roofs, accessories, rainwater systems
      Granite® PVDF 25 microns - roofing, cladding, cold rooms
      Granite® PVDF 35 microns - roofing, cladding, cold rooms
      Granite® PVDF 45 microns - roofing, cladding, cold rooms
      Granite® PVDF 60 microns - roofing, cladding, cold rooms
      Granite® Silky Shine 50 microns - cladding
      Granite® Silky Mat 35 microns - cladding
      Granite® Impression Cloudy - roofing (tiles)
      Granite® Impression Wood - cladding
      Granite® Impression Agate - cladding
      Granite® Impression Elephant & Snake - cladding
      Granite® Quartz - roofing (tiles), cladding
      Granite® Storm - roofing (tiles), cladding
      Granite® Farm - roofing, cladding (inner side) of farm buildings
      Granite® Tex - air conditioning, ventilation
      Granite® Shutter - roller shutters
      Granite® Boosted - facilitates transport of insulated panels
      Granite® Flex - roofing (difficult tiles), general industry (air conditioning)
      Granite® Deep Mat - roofing (tiles)
      Granite® Rain HDS - rainwater systems (gutters, pipes and accessories)
      Granite® Rain HDX - rainwater systems (gutters, pipes and accessories)
      Granite® Comfort - roofing in warm environments
      Solano® Nature - roofing, cladding, profiled parts
   Base coat for tiles
   Organic coated steels for indoor applications Estetic® and xcellook®
      Estetic® Access - general indoor applications
      Estetic® Standard - general indoor applications
      Estetic® Clean - panels for cold stores, food stores
      Estetic® Flex - boiler casings, calendered parts, roller blinds, presentation racks
      Estetic® Mat - ceilings
      Estetic® BioAir Mat - ceilings, internal panels, doors
      Estetic® Lighting 82 - lighting
      Estetic® High Tech - TV, hi-fi
      Estetic® Conductive - TV, hi-fi
      Estetic® Tex - furniture, shelves
      Estetic® Wipe Board - wipe boards
      Estetic® Chalk Board - chalk boards
      Estetic® Casa Access - built-in appliances
      Estetic® Casa Classic - standard product for domestic appliances
      Estetic® Casa Classic Flex - domestic appliances with high deformation
      Estetic® Casa Protect - domestic appliances with improved protection
      Estetic® Casa Visual Bright - domestic appliances with a specific visual aspect
      Estetic® Casa Visual Mat - domestic appliances with a specific visual aspect
      xcellook® - appliances, indoor construction, lifts, furniture
   Optigal® zinc-aluminium-magnesium substrate for organic coated products
   Backing coats
      Backing coat 5 microns
      Backing coat 7 microns
      Backing coat 10 microns
      Backing coat 12 microns
Quarto plates
   High yield strength steels for cold forming - thermomechanical steels
   High yield strength steels for cold forming - normalised or normalised rolled steels
   Structural steels
   Steels with improved atmospheric corrosion resistance Indaten® 355H
   Weldable fine grain structural steels - thermomechanical rolled steels
   Weldable fine grain structural steels - normalised or normalised rolled steels
   Weldable structural steels for fixed offshore structures
   Steels for pipes
   Steels for pressure vessels and boilers
   Steels for shipbuilding

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